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The Networks Incorporated Training Model – Why It Works!

Full details of how the Networks Incorporated training model works and why it’s so successful.

Networks Incorporated have been teaching Cisco training courses for 9 years since our inception in 2002. When we first started teaching courses we ran them in the normal boring “parrot” fashion of all other training companies. We would go through lots of slides and presentations over 5 days to help explain all of the finer details of the technologies. It didn’t take us long to realise that this method was counter-productive, students simply couldn’t retain a vast amount of so much new information in such a short space of time.

We soon realised that if we wanted students to get the very best out of training, things would have to change and so we started testing many different training formats and after lots of research and product testing we finally released our highly successful model of weekend training, which we still use today. Put simply it not only works, but works very well for everybody. Regardless of experience, and here’s why!

The 4 – 6 week Programme, it is NOT just a “Cram Course”

For many years now, lots of training companies have tried to copy our training model without our success, and here’s why. The investment in training for your future (be it career change, promotion or just for fun) is our primary concern, not money! Now it’s very easy for any training company to say that, but we honestly mean it, just ask any of our previous students. Networks Incorporated go the extra mile to make sure you are completely happy and understand everything you need to know for your Cisco exam. You will exceed all of your goals when training with us.

Here’s what you’ll receive as part of your investment:

Full up to date Cisco training materials (theory and hands-on).
2 Day hands-on course with leading industry expert Cisco Consultants (not just an engineer like other companies) qualified up to the very highest level – CCIE!!
40+ hours Cisco rack access after the course to continue your studies (that equates to 60 hours hands-on, more than any other training provider).
Full access to your Cisco instructor through personal email, dedicated student forum and even one-to-one phone calls.
Free course re-sit and coaching if you unfortunately fail the exam first time (you will NOT fail again, we guarantee to help you through it, whatever it takes).

The Networks Incorporated Training Action Plan

We have instructed many hundreds and hundreds of students to pass their CCNA’s (many of which have passed first time) using our specialist training model. We always outline to new students a plan of action and steps they need to take in order to best prepare themselves for the CCNA training and the exam.

The training action plan:

Pre-Read – When you receive your training manual spend 10-15 hours pre-reading the theory section of the book.  This is to help give you an understanding of the technologies you will face on the course.
Subnetting – Read through the Subnetting Appendix and Subnetting Secrets to ready yourself for the weekend.  Your instructor will go through many examples during the course to make sure you are 110% comfortable with subnetting.
The Course #1 – Attend the 2 day training course where you will spend many hours going through lots and lots of hands-on labs.  You will start with very easy tasks and move on to some complex labs which will raise you above the level required for the exam.  If there are specific areas you don’t fully understand the instructor will take the time to explain it to you one-on-one (or the whole class if it is relevant) and will provide you with custom labs to help reassure your new knowledge.
Further Study – After the course you will be given your 40 hours rack access and advice will be given on what areas you need to focus on for your exam.  The instructor will have detailed to you how you need to break down your study time to give you the best chance of passing first time.  (This typically takes around 3 weeks if spending 2 hours per evening studying).
The Course #2  – That’s right, unlike all other companies we actually recommend you come back BEFORE your exam.  This time round, you will be very close to the exam and can use the instructor to answer all those difficult niggling questions you might have.  More labs again this time even harder than before, but don’t worry, you can be confident you are studying with the best as our instructors are industry experts, certified to the highest possible level.
Student Support – If at any time you are struggling with any areas of your study (time, technology, hands-on etc) simply contact your instructor through the forum or email and they will provide full assistance.  If necessary the instructor will even call you for free coaching to help ensure you understand the problem at hand.
PASS THE EXAM – The last step is simple, just take the exam and pass!!

There you have it, you can now see why the Networks Incorporated training model is so successful, it’s not just a 2 day training course where you turn up and disappear after the course.  We have a vested interest in your future, if you fail WE FAIL and I don’t want that to happen, in fact I won’t let the happen.

If you need any further information about any of our courses please don’t hesitate to contact my team.

02921 888705 or [email protected]

Your CCNA training comes with a 100% money back guarantee