About us

About Us

Networks Inc website and model has now been integrated by Rees Services Limited.

Our Lead Instructor Jon Rees wanted to see Cisco training through weekend bootcamps continue because of the value it delivers to students who are looking at becoming certified in Cisco qualifications.

Having sat through the weekend bootcamp himself back in 2006, Jon went onto pass his CCNP with Networks Inc Limited as well as this he became the senior instructor, teaching both weekend bootcamps and onsite training to individuals and companies.

“For me the weekend bootcamp was fantastic value and gave me hands on practical experience without having to take too much time off work.  If I hadn’t studied through Networks Inc I would not be where I am today”


About Networks Incorporated

Networks Incorporated Ltd was first registered in 2002 by Paul Browning.

Paul started work in early 2001 in the prestigious Cisco TAC (where he met Stuart) which at the time was based in Milton Keynes.  The TAC was part of a 24/7 global support system for Cisco customers who needed support and advice on technologies such as VLAN’s, ISDN, Frame Relay, NAT, Dial on Demand, VPN and QOS.  The TAC is regarded as the last place for ALL Cisco problems to be fixed, it was and still is the very pinnacle of Cisco technical support and engineering.  If nobody else could fix the problem, the TAC was the last port of call.

Unfortunately The UK TAC office was closed down in 2002 when Cisco decided to move their TAC support team to India and Mexico where labour costs were cheaper.  It was at this time that Paul, Stuart and many other TAC engineers went into business for themselves.

Networks Incorporated started by offering Cisco consultancy and training to customers and the public alike in the UK.  They offered design, bandwidth testing, penetration testing and network & security solutions.  Customers then began to request on site training so they could manage and troubleshoot their own networks rather than having to rely on consultants.

The courses proved to be so popular that the “first” public Cisco CCNA weekend courses were scheduled and run. Since 2002 and even now 10 years later, we sell out most weekends we offer.  Students come from all over Europe to attend the specialist weekend courses.  These courses have led to partnerships with many companies all over the UK and Europe.  We have grown every year to become the premier specialist Cisco training company and now offer, Security, Voice, CCNP and fully customised bespoke courses delivered on site for ANY Cisco technology.  Not just the run of the mill CCNA bootcamp course like so many of our failing competitors sell.

A lot of companies claim to have been the first weekend training company or to offer the most amount of equipment per student etc etc.  We don’t get into such statements here at Networks Incorporated as we know and can safely say we are the longest running (and hence, the first) Cisco training company to specialise in weekend training in the UK!  We are now in our tenth glorious year and are growing stronger, faster and better than ever, all of which is to aid and benefit YOU and your studies.

About Our Clients

Here is a small section of the many clients we have worked with.

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If you wish to speak to someone about the benefits of CCNA training in Cardiff, Milton Keynes, South London or at your company site simply call us on 01353 886 365 NOW.  We will be happy to help answer any questions about the Cisco CCNA, CCNP or CCIE and how we can help you attain the CCNA qualification.