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We wouldn’t advise you to book on the course until you’ve read what a handful of our previous students who have passed the CCNA exam through us have to say:

Hi Paul, Thought I would write to tell your course last weekend did the trick and I passed the CCNA today. From being made redundant in the chemical industry to employment as a CCNA network engineer in six months thanks to your book, course and one to one help.Neil Summers - Now a Cisco network engineer

Neil Summers BSc,CChem.MRSC (& now CCNA)

Hi Paul, Just to say thanks for the hands on experience I received on your course at the end of November. I took the exam for the first time today and scored 930. Thanks for the help and encouragement.Richard Cunningham CCNA

Richard Cunningham – Network Engineer

I have just taken and passed the CCNA today. You need 849 to pass and I got 900. The exam is extra hard with 3 configuring router SIM type questions and many scenario type questions. The subnetting questions were a breeze using the chart technique. Anyway thanks to Paul for your help on the weekend.Hubert Taylor - CCNA UK graduate

Hubert Taylor – IT Technician

I’ve just passed the CCNA exam with a score of 925 and I’d like to say thanks very much Paul for your assistance in helping me to achieve certification. The content of your course guide is absolutely excellent. I found it really straight forward to study. The hands on knowledge I gained during the course was first class and I couldn’t believe the sheer amount of essential information you actually squeezed into 2 days. You can’t beat hands on knowledge in order to gain a qualification and this is quite simply an outstanding course which is great value for money and I highly recommend it if you want to pass the CCNA exam and work in the IT industry.Simon Hannah-Beards - CCNA engineer

Simon Hannah-Beards – PC Engineer

Hi Paul, Just thought I would let you know that I passed with a score of 925. Thanks for your input.Tex Rickard - Cisco engineer

Tex Rickard – IT Support

Paul, I would like to say as I said on the second day of the course it really did what it said on the can.  Thank you for an excellent course.Steve Davies - CCNA course delegate

Steve Davis – CEO Southern IT Solutions Ltd

Hi Paul, Without your boot camp course there’s no way I would have passed.  The books I had were as good as useless in the end (great for getting a BBQ going) and work wouldn’t pay for the latest ones.I got 913!!!!!! Couldn’t believe it.Deborah Noakes - Cisco CCNA engineer

Deborah Noakes – Global Systems Support Analyst

Hi Paul, just a quick note to let you know that I finally passed my CCNA last Friday 11th May. I would like to thank you for the added confidence and knowledge you and your training technique have given me, I am very confident it was this that played a major role in my success.

I attended your course last November and although it has taken me longer than anticipated to get round to taking my exam the wait was definitely worth while.

Thanks again and keep up the good work.

All the best.

Craig West - Cisco network engineer and CCNA

Craig West – Network Engineer

Hi Paul, I passed my CCNA today thanks for all the help and great course.  The labs are very helpful and the Super Subnetting Chart I think that saved the day. Thanks again! Paul Cox - Passed his Cisco CCNA

Paul Cox

Hi Paul, You can put me on your honours list. I  got 912.
Had to do some further reading away from your books but they gave me a  great foundation to work from. Many thanks.
David Wallace - CCNA


Paul, Just to let you know about the exam I took this Monday, I Just passed. Thanks for all your help. Cheers!Taz Desai CCNA


Hi Paul, I passed 2 days ago. It was my second attempt.
On reflection, I just wasn’t ready the first time I got 950! Many thanks for your help.
Phil Hough - CCNA UK graduate


Hi Paul, Just to let you know I took my exam today
and passed with a score of 950. Thanks very much.
Kim Hallett - CCNA


Hi Paul, I enjoyed the course as it was all about getting to grips with the routers
and learning why the commands were entered in the way they were and why.
Although it was a lab it seemed to make the experience more “alive” than
just another electronic simulation. Well worthwhile.
I’m off to book my exam with confidence…
Phil Hough - CCNA UK graduate


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